Multi-Family Office:Team

Born out of the shared professional experience of its founders working at the same bank, 1875 FINANCE draws on a strong team spirit, resulting in a cohesive approach and a sense of shared responsibility for strategic decisions and for providing client service. This spirit also reflects a century-old commitment to Geneva and Swiss values: excellence, open-mindedness, ethics and respect for fellow team members.

Co-founder, Partner and Head of the Multi-Family Office

Aksel Azrac

Aksel Azrac began his career as a consultant for leading automobile brands. In 1997, he joined Banque Paribas (Suisse) SA in Geneva, where he co-managed the Parvest fund for Switzerland. Later he resumed his consulting activity. In 2001, he joined Banque Ferrier Lullin & Cie, where he was responsible for a portfolio of Swiss and foreign clients and was appointed to the Executive Board in 2002.

He left the bank in 2006 to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Manager.

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

Olivier Bizon

Olivier Bizon began his career as a financial advisor for institutional clients with Paribas (Suisse) SA. From 1992 to 1995, he worked at Credit Suisse Private Banking as asset manager for private and business clients. He then moved back to Paribas (Suisse) SA in 1995 to head the private clients division in Switzerland, and served as a member of the Management and then as member of the Private Banking Executive Committee in 2000. In 2001, he moved to Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA as Managing Director. Six month later, he was appointed to the Executive Board, becoming Head of Private Banking for the bank as a whole. In 2005, he was part of the management team that sold three private banks and an asset management business (SBC Wealth Management AG) to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE, where he served as Managing Partner and Vice-Chairman of the Board. In 2016, he was appointed Chairman of the Board.

Managing Director – Head of Legal and Compliance

Christophe Germain

Christophe Germain obtained his license to practice as a lawyer in 1993 following a traineeship with Maitre Denis Oswald, the former President of the Neuchâtel Bar Association. At the end of 1993, he began working at the fiduciary group Fiduconsult SA as a legal advisor and subsequently was appointed manager of the Neuchâtel branch and head of the legal office for French-speaking Switzerland. He joined UBS SA in April 2000 as a private banking legal advisor for French-speaking Switzerland. In September 2000, he became head of the legal department at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA, a UBS Group private bank, and was appointed to the Executive Board.

He left the bank at the end of 2006 to join 1875 FINANCE as Head of Legal Office.

Senior Officer – Multi-Family Office

Ernst Grob

Ernst Grob spent his entire career working at Swiss and international banks, building up a wide range of knowledge across all sectors of banking and finance. During his five years as an auditor at Citibank, he travelled extensively. Later he worked in Mexico City for four years as the head of various organisational units. Since then, he has held various management positions in operations and securities departments, and contributed to setting up important strategic projects for the private banks Cantrade Ormond Burrus and then Ferrier Lullin, where he began working in 1987.

Executive Director –Multi-Family Office

Etienne Zeller

Etienne Zeller holds a federal diploma as Certified International Wealth Manager AZEK – CIWM (2010) and was awarded an Executive MBA at the IMD Lausanne (2017-2018).

He began his career in 2000 at the bank Bordier in Geneva working as an asset manager for private clients. In 2003, he joined a hedge fund in New York, subsequently moving to the bank Bordier in Zurich to work as an asset manager.

In 2006, Etienne joined the 1875 FINANCE Multi-Family Office and currently leads a team of ten people dedicated to UHNWI clients.

Legal Officer – Multi-Family Office

Alexandra Bailly-Maitre

Alexandra Bailly-Maitre began her career in the marketing department of a multi-national company, after which she moved to Dublin where she worked for US financial groups wishing to set up their European hubs in Ireland at that time. Having been hired to relocate their operational departments, she created the French-speaking back offices of CIT Group Europe and Bear Stearns Bank Plc. In 2006, she served as Compliance Officer for a Canadian online payments solutions start-up specialising in online gambling, moving the department from Toronto to Dublin.

After four years at a Geneva fiduciary company, she joined 1875 FINANCE in 2011. With her considerable professional experience, she is a great asset to the Family Office.

Senior Officer – Multi-Family Office

Giovanna Albanese Carrieri

Giovanna Albanese Carrieri graduated in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Geneva, and has since specialised over the years in wealth and succession planning for international private clients.

She obtained her STEP Diploma in International Trust Management whilst working at Lloyds TSB Bank plc. She then joined Pictet & Cie to work in the EPTS department of the Pictet Wealth Management division, after which she served as a Senior Trust Officer at Rhone Trust & Fiduciary Services SA. Following a stint at Royal Bank of Canada SA as an Estate Planning Specialist, she joined the Family Office of 1875 FINANCE SA in November 2016.

Senior Accountant

Hervé Pidoux

Hervé Pidoux received his diploma as a Specialist in Finance and Accounting in 2004, followed by a STEP diploma (Diploma in International Trust Management) in 2010.

He gained professional experience at various fiduciary companies and banks, including Intermandat SA, Amsterdam Trust Company, Rawlinson & Hunter and Royal Bank of Canada. He oversees the accounting and administration of various financial vehicles, including trusts, foundations and Swiss and foreign companies.

He joined 1875 FINANCE in August 2016 as a Senior Accounting Officer for the Family Office.

Investment Advisor – Multi-Family Office

Vittorio Pellegri

Vittorio Pellegri holds a B.Sc. in Management, which he was awarded in February 2017 by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). During his studies, Vittorio completed various marketing and sales internships.

He began his career in finance with an internship at Fundana SA in Geneva. In October 2017, he completed a three-month asset management internship at 1875 FINANCE.

He then joined the Multi-Family Office of 1875 FINANCE in January 2018.

Middle Office Manager, in charge of reporting for the Multi-Family Office

Stefan Meyer

Stefan Meyer began his career in 1994 at UBS Geneva, then joined Pictet & Cie in 1998, where he stayed for 8 years, gaining expertise in project management and business intelligence. He moved to Spain in 2006, mainly in order to work as a BI advisor for key accounts (Cap Gemini, Deutsche Bank, Agbar).

Wishing to return to Switzerland and work in a smaller, more personal setting, he joined 1875 FINANCE in 2014.

Coordinator of real estate projects – Multi-Family Office

Aliénor Alves de Souza

Aliénor Alves de Souza obtained her B.Sc. in Management from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2013.

She began her career at Clarins SA where she oversaw promotional developments at national level.

She then worked for a consulting group commercialising financial and insurance products more specifically related to Real Estate purchases; allowing her to develop her customer relations skills.

In order to reinforce her Real Estate market knowledge, she furthered her education at the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI) and the Geneva Real Estate Board (CGI), which lead her to join a Family Office in Geneva, active in Real Estate development.

She joined 1875 FINANCE in February 2019 as Coordinator of Real Estate projects. She is also pursuing her training at the Swiss Real Estate School (SVIT) in view of obtaining the Federal Diploma in Real Estate development.

Assistant – Multi-Family Office

Adriano Auciello

Adriano Auciello received his vocational baccalaureate in 2015 and then started a training course at Haute école de gestion.

In March 2017, in parallel with his studies, he joined the Family Office team at 1875 FINANCE as an assistant.

Assistant – Multi-Family Office

Jessica Sessa

Jessica Sessa received her vocational baccalaureate in 2012.

She then began working as an Assistant Trust Officer at GESTRUST SA, where she remained for more than 4 years, gaining extensive experience.

In May 2018 , she joined the Family Office team at 1875 FINANCE as an assistant.